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Beautifully blossoming after baby

BLOSSOM is a weight loss program dedicated to moms after delivery and to breasfeeding moms.

Blossom was born from a deep desire of mine to share with other women about a better way to treat and be with their bodies.

Contrary to popular belief, for most people gaining weight actually has nothing to do with their genes. 
Or to put it another way, we aren't fated to live only by the genetic hand we were dealt, as once was thought.

It appears that most thin people are actually thin because they're "thin" in their minds, meaning they respond to food in a different way than people who are heavy.
And as much as it seems far from you now, your mind can also become a "thin" mind with just a bit of mental training.

Aside from offering many invaluable tools and principles for healthy eating, the 16-week journey of BLOSSOM offers real transformation, which upon completion will have you enjoying an entirely new relationship with everything concerning food and eating.

No more struggles with yourself in order to chase after or maintain your desired figure. Only freedom! Absolute freedom!
Freedom from all the automatic responses you have to food, freedom from uncontrolled eating, freedom from strict diets, and freedom from harsh discipline.

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