Tehilla Adi -  

Founder and developer of the BLOSSOM's journey and BLOSSOM's site.

Biotechnology Engineer (B.Sc) with specialization in pharmacology.
My entrance to the field of health and natural nutrition was about 15 years ago while carrying my first child. Since then I've explored this field from every angle. There's almost no stone I haven't overturned in my quest to find the best nutrition I can give to myself, to my developing fetus, to my breastfed baby, and to my growing children.
I encountered so many approaches during my search, many of which contradict one another, and I chose to examine them using the biological and scientific tools I've attained from my career as a biotech engineer together with a deep attunement to the body's needs and what it's telling us.
And the combination has proved itself.
For many years I've been living without experiencing food as my enemy – but rather as my friend, a wonderful companion. I eat, I live, and I enjoy while also staying in great shape and a high level of wellness.
This approach has accompanied me for all the different phases I've gone through: while being at home with my breastfed baby and all those sleepless nights, while running after 3 toddlers, while working in a company for twelve hours a day, and also now while my children are a little bit older and I have a little more time to myself.