Beautifully Blossoming After Baby

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Dear blossomer,
Your one-month free trial has come to an end.
In order to continue on your journey and keep developing, blossoming and ultimately losing all that excess weight for good, please subscribe to the program by clicking on the "subscribe" button on the right.
The subscription for the remaining 3 months of the course will only cost you $165 (a reduced rate for the next 24 hours).
After 24 hours, the cost will return to the regular price of $330.

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What else awaits you in the continuance of the course:

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  • Lots and lots of knowledge and tools about nutrition

  • Tools to help you become independent and flexible with food

  • Tools to help liberate you from struggles with food

  • Samples of Healthy and Balanced Meal Plans 

  • Recommended foods to include in your menu

  • The "Know No" list - foods you'll want to avoid (and why)

  • A recommended fitness regime which is tailored to busy moms 

  • Tools and tips on having a more healthy and enjoyable lifestyle

  • Practical tools to help keep you going with your new, improved lifestyle

  • More powerful assistance with Motivation and Consistency

  • A recipe Book

  • A Facebook support group

  • Support from the program's mentors


We'll be so delighted to see you back in the course, continuing blossoming with us!

Hope to see you soon.

*Your journey membership will be renewed within 3 business days from subscription.